A radically faster way to build your SaaS or API

1. Start with a pre-made stack

Simply connect your AWS account and get entire stack up and running in minutes

2. Replace sample apps with your code

Just connect your GitHub repositories - StackBricks will do the rest

3. Customize later - just like Lego

Add databases; write custom Terraform; if AWS supports it, it works in StackBricks too

Deploy single app


Frontend or backend

Deploy JAMstack with functions


Just like Netlify, Vercel or Firebase

Deploy a full-stack app


Frontend + backend + database

Deploy an API


Container and / or Lambda functions with gateway

Deploy microservices


Multiple load-balanced containers

More to come


We often release new features

Make the most of your free credits

With StackBricks your free AWS credits last longer
Btw did you know that startups can get up to $100,000 in free credits from AWS?
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Slick, modern UI

Forget the dreadful AWS console

Powered by Terraform

Under the hood StackBricks generates and runs Terraform, the industry standard infrastructure-as-code language. So you are getting the exact...

Start building now

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